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About Us

Jane Gray, Ph.D., Founder and Principal


     Jane Gray received her Ph.D. in Sociology/Criminology from The Ohio State University in 1988. As an educator she has taught at Florida State University’s School of Criminology and Capital University where she served as Chair of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Gray has also held the position of Senior Lecturer at The Ohio State University where she taught several classes in Sociology and Criminology.  In addition, she is a recognized speaker on issues related to the foreseeability or prediction of criminal events, including premises liability, negligent hiring and retention, as well as security in general.



     Dr. Gray has consulted with a number of public and private sector agencies as well as numerous attorneys on matters concerning social science in general and criminal behavior in particular. With respect to her work as an expert witness, her expertise resides in identifying the foreseeability of crime by evaluating the environment as would a criminal offender. Her extensive experience and research with prison inmates provides the necessary framework for determining how offenders estimate their risk of apprehension and the likelihood of a successful criminal outcome. 

     Dr. Gray's expertise has led her to become a nationally recognized expert and consultant. Her research has led her to the top of her field, and she has testified in numerous federal and state courts in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Dr. Gray has testified as an expert witness regarding the foreseeability of numerous criminal events, including the 2012 deadly mass shooting that occurred at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado as well as the mass shooting that took place at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Dr. Gray continues to consult in numerous highly publicized mass shooting incidents throughout the country. 

Ashley Schulte, Research Associate



Ashley Schulte received her Bachelor Degree in Psychology from the Ohio State University in 2015.  As a student, she completed an internship through the Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio and became certified as a Rape Crisis Advocate.  Ashley plans to begin pursuing her PhD in Forensic Psychology in 2020.

Ashley is a Case Manager for Alvis, Inc., a non-profit that serves individuals who are involved with the prison system, in the Reentry department.  She specializes in facilitating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy groups on a variety of topics that help offenders reduce their anti-social behavior through the following intervention points: cognitive distortions, social skills deficiencies, and socio-moral development.  She is also a certified interviewer of the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS,) an assessment that determines an offender’s risk of recidivism based on biopsychosocial factors.

As a Case Manager, she creates treatment plans that target criminogenic ways of thinking to ensure resulting prosocial behavior and has worked with county, state, and federal offenders.  Additionally, Ashley is well-versed in the behavioral patterns of a multitude of populations, including but not limited to, the following: individuals recovering from addiction, active drug users, survivors of human trafficking, marginalized groups, individuals with an extensive history of trauma, survivors of sexual abuse, and more.