About Us


With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Jane Gray has provided expert witness testimony in numerous cases involving a wide variety of security topics. Her expertise stems from direct interviews with criminal offenders and extensive training, particularly in areas of premises liability and negligent hiring and retention. Dr. Gray's knowledge and expertise has lead her to become a highly sought-after expert retained by both plaintiff and defense counsel nationwide.



Litigation Support:

Dr. Gray offers expert services to attorneys in all cases requiring an assessment of foreseeability of crime including premises liability, negligent security, negligent hiring and retention and wrongful death.


Speaking Engagements:

Dr. Gray is also a recognized speaker in matters of security, premises liability and negligent hiring and retention.



Dr. Gray offers consulting services in areas related to the design of security programs based on an understanding of criminal motivation and techniques that may deter offenders, displace crime, and reduce liability. 



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