The following are examples of cases for which Dr. Gray has provided expert witness testimony.  For a more complete list of cases, please refer to her Curriculum Vitae in "Downloads".
Premises Liability  -Plaintiff


A woman and her 2 year-old son were abducted from the parking lot of a large retail outlet and held for three days, during which the woman was repeatedly raped. Dr. Gray's research found that the retail outlet was negligent in protecting its customers from violent crimes occurring on its premises.


Negligent Hiring -Plaintiff 


A Ph.D. student/counselor was employed by an adoloscent psychiatric center where he sexually molested several boys.  Dr. Gray determined that the background check performed by the center was inadequate and failed to find his previous arrests for sexual assault.

Premises Liability​  -Defense


A verbal altercation erupted between two groups of men at a popular bar in Cleveland, Ohio.  The security guards on duty asked all parties to leave and escorted them out of the establishment.  A fight ensued between two of the patrons several blocks away resulting in the death of one of them.  Dr. Gray established that the security measures employed by the bar were adequate and security personnel responded appropriately to the disturbance.

Premises Liability -Defense


A mass shooting took place at the Planned Parnthood Health Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado on November 27, 2015.  Three people were killed and nine others we injured by the shooter, Robert Dear who remained in the facility for over five hours, battling police responders.  Dr. Gray opined that this incident was unforeseeable at this location based its criminal history and level of security planning.​ The Defendants were granted Summary Judgement in October, 2017.

Negligent Security -Plaintiff

A man was killed in a large bar fight that occurred during a holiday weekend.  Dr. Gray was successfully able to establish that this particular bar was negligent in its provision of security especially when compared to the other drinking establishments in the immediate area.


Premises Liability


A mass shooting occurred at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado during the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20, 2012. Twelve people were killed and seventy more were wounded. The shooter, James Holmes, was criminally convicted in 2015 of all 165 charges against him and sentenced to life in prison. In the civil trial that followed in 2016, Dr. Gray was able to successfully demonstrate that this crime was unforeseeable. 

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